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Why youth leadership in the world?

We believe that young people should be able to use their understanding of the world to engage, serve, and lead in it. And we will always champion young people who dare to lead.

Young people are not tomorrow’s leaders: they are today’s leaders. The empowerment of young people as leaders in their communities and countries – rather than simply as individuals served – molds more engaged young people, forms more connected societies, and yields better and more inventive solutions. Supporting young people as community leaders is not merely an investment in their future – building critical skills, encouraging better decisions, and improving educational outcomes – but in more inclusive, forward-looking communities with stronger societal leadership. And the evidence is clear: children and youth, when given the opportunity to lead, can tackle the toughest challenges, take on the deepest societal responsibilities, and lead children and adults alike to achieve shared community goals.

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Why Engagement Matters

Read why geographic education and global engagement of young people is so important in a fractured and changing world.

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