About the IAYG Family    Why Geographic and Global Education?

Why geographic education?

From bringing cultures together to saving our environment, global perspectives are critical to paving the future we want to see.

In an age when global challenges require global perspectives, educating the next generation of youth in geography, earth & environmental sciences, and global citizenship is more important than ever before. Geography and global studies are about more than putting places on a map – it brings world cultures together through understanding, charts the path to sustainable development and more peaceful national futures, teaches us how to protect the environment and cherished ecosystems, and answers critical questions of how we must use our common resources to forge a future in which every child anywhere can succeed.

Indeed, the greatest issues of our time relate back to geography. Nations, especially in the Developing World, must seek effective land and resource use – geography will be needed to understand how our limited resources will accommodate growing populations and disparities. The world is fractured and complex, so more than ever before, we need geography to instill cultural understanding and a global perspective in the next generation that will solve the problems of today. As the world’s population rises and communities are transformed, human geography will be essential to managing that trend. And in a time when our changing environment is poised to fundamentally threaten our way of life, geography is critical to paving the road for humanity.

The National Association of Young Geographers (NAYG) was founded to advance this critical mission of geographic education. Today, as part of the IAYG Family, geographic, global, and environmental education remain the educational foundation for our mission to support globally aware young people ready to engage in the world.

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