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Events   Mapping Africa’s Public Health Future

Mapping Africa’s Public Health Future: Health Geographies, Inequalities, and Solutions

The COVID-19 pandemic has catalyzed historic interest in public health: specifically, in its disparities. As doctors, nurses, and public health officials have risen to challenges of testing, mitigation, and treatment, they have been challenged by under-equipped hospitals, strained talent pipelines, and burdened supply chains.

Access to quality healthcare in sub-Saharan Africa is stratified on many lines, including poverty. But the biggest gaps are geographic: between connected urban and less accessible rural areas, coastal and inland communities, across provincial and national borders. Africa’s young people are the key to closing these gaps: not just for the next pandemic, but for the continent’s rapidly growing population and expanding medical needs. 

In this interactive event, we will bring together an audience of young African leaders to engage with a panel of public health experts in conversation with young physicians to discuss current gaps in public health. What are the deepest challenges and disparities in health access? What lessons does the COVID-19 pandemic provide for us? And more importantly, what can we do to resolve them?


11:00-11:30  •  Panel Discussion

11:30-11:45  •  Question and Answer Session

11:45-12:30  •  Open Discussion and Mini-Ideathon: What can decision makers do to reduce public health inequality in my community?

Guiding Questions:

  • From your perspective, what are the most significant challenges to public health? What has COVID-19 told us about disparities in health access?
  • What steps can decision makers take to reduce geographic and economic disparities in medical access? What is the role of young people in catalyzing such change?
  • Globalization is frequently related to brain drain. Africa loses thousands of top medical graduates when they emigrate to other parts of the world every year. What can the continent do to retain more local talent?
  • How can we make medical careers more attractive for young people? What are ways to strengthen the medical pipeline for future doctors and nurses?
  • What is the role of multinational collaboration and integration in supporting better health access?
  • Public health is closely linked with other key areas, including education. What has COVID-19 taught us about how collaborative thinking can improve health outcomes?

Registration is optional if you are already registered for the Africa Youth SDGs Summit (virtual registration free).

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Idea-thon Submissions:


Sonnet Salice (Local)

Project Lead in Thiruvananthapuram

[email protected]


Monica May Mendoza (International)

Director, Communications and Public Affairs



  • 5 November 2020 from 11:00-12:30 GMT
  • Side event to the 3rd African Youth SDGs Summit
  • Open to attendees of African Youth SDG Summit and to the general public (free)
  • Virtual (this event will be recorded)


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