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Partnership Opportunities

We recognize that no institution alone can tackle all of the challenges facing children and youth today. Our partnerships, built across all sectors and with organizations of all sizes, 

About IAYG Family Partnerships with Governments and Public-Sector Actors

Governments and public-sector actors are the IAYG family’s most influential partners, reciprocal stakeholders, and allied institutions. By virtue of their role in educating young people and shaping the societies they govern, local, regional, and national governments share a natural relationship with the IAYG family, united in our shared commitment to empowering a new generation of globally engaged young people empowered to advance societies.

As close programme and development partners, we work with local, regional, and national governments to support opportunity, representation, and engagement for young people – jointly taking leadership in advancing better societies for young people, unleashing their potential as civic participants and community leaders, and building a generation of globally engaged young people with the ability to advance sustainable development. Partnerships, joint venture institutions, and coalitions between the IAYG family and governments advance global education, expand protection for children’s rights, elevate the place of young people in communities, and facilitate their engagement in sustainable development, environmental conservation, and societal change.

Additionally, the IAYG family provides programmatic support, technical grants, and policy advice to governments of developing countries in areas relating to the empowerment and provision of global opportunity for children and youth. We help governments develop legislation and implement policies that further children’s rights, expand global opportunity, and protect marginalized youth.

As reciprocal stakeholders, governments play a central role in the governance and global leadership of the IAYG family. 40% of voting rights and seats on the IAYG family’s governance boards are reserved for member and affiliate governments – the largest of all stakeholder groups.

In our partnerships, we’re focused on:

  • Advancing the rights of children and youth, especially participatory rights;
  • Expanding global education and supporting the integration of young people into the global economy, critical to national economic futures;
  • Instilling civic values in young people, to the benefit of more stable societies;
  • Engaging young people in action on peace and security;
  • Empowering young people as societal leaders and civic participants, unleashing their role as catalysts of sustainable political systems and defenders of the rule of law;
  • Ensuring that all young people have a place in sustainable development and are at the forefront of action on important community challenges;
  • Investing in youth-driven development innovation and elevating young leaders.
IAYG family partnerships extend across every sector of work and every region of interest. 

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Office of the Chief Liaison for Government and Public-Sector Partnerships

Worldwide Desk
[email protected]

As part of the IAYG family’s long-time commitment to open partnership processes, we invite representatives of government institutions at all levels – local, regional, and national – to directly write to the Office of the Chief Liaison to discuss partnerships on how we can work together to advance the rights and opportunities of young people. The future of societies depend on the futures of their children and youth. United in a commitment to advance the role of young people in society and strengthen future development – and driven by the IAYG family’s expansive institutional leadership in the advancement of global opportunity for all young people – the IAYG family regularly builds new partnerships with governments, government ministries, and other related institutions.