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IAYG Family and Civil Society

Civil society plays a critical role in the empowerment of young people. We work closely with non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, and other civil society institutions – from the world’s largest nonprofits to local-level efforts – in pursuit of opportunity for all children and youth.

“Much of the incredible progress made for the empowerment of young people over the last two decades has been driven by civil society: the vast networks of non-governmental organizations, community-based organizations, faith-based groups, and the many other nonprofit organizations of all sizes committed to improving the communities in which we all live. We are proud of our long-standing relationship with these institutions. Partnerships with civil society institutions are central to our commitment to young people in communities worldwide.”

 – 2016 General Framework on Institutional Partnerships

About IAYG Family Partnerships with Civil Society

The IAYG family, its organizations, efforts, and IAYG-led coalitions engage with major non-governmental organizations, community and faith-based organizations, and other civil society institutions on a regular basis all across the world. Through partnerships, we work closely with civil society organizations to seek and implement better solutions to the toughest challenges facing children and youth. At the same time, through our work and worldwide programming, we support the development of vibrant and inclusive civil society sectors that advance opportunity for young people and enhance sustainable political systems – especially the development of youth-led civil society sectors that place the voices of young people at the forefront of societal improvement.

We continually endeavour to strengthen our relationships with civil society organizations with respect to their critical and often unique role in empowering communities. Our partnerships emphasize local agency and bottom-up solutions that combine local expertise and global organizing capacity. We seek partnerships with every type of organization, of every scale, because we respect the innovation, local experience, perspectives, and essential contributions that all sectors of civil society can bring to the empowerment of young people. In 2019 and 2020, the IAYG family is committed to deepening its relationships with national and international non-governmental organizations (NGOs), local charities, community-based organizations, and faith-based groups through programmatic partnership and technical support.

Additionally, with respect for the importance of international cooperation in addressing development issues, the IAYG family both participates in and organizes international, cross-sector coalitions with civil society and private-sector actors broadly to improve outcomes for children and youth, invest in solutions, and represent the interests of children and youth in discussions that matter to them. These interests represent the IAYG family’s mandate as an institution that both advances global opportunity and fights alongside young people as their champions and representatives. Our commitment to coalitions across the education, youth engagement, and youth employment sectors is strong – as is the IAYG family’s commitment to facilitating the incorporation of children and youth themselves in institutions the IAYG family works in. 

As part of our commitment to open and transparent partnerships, we invite all civil society and non-governmental organizations to reach out directly to the Office for Civil Society Partnerships to propose collaborations. The Office is responsible for coordinating between all regional offices for partnerships and bringing partnerships at all level to fruition in partnership with local-level IAYG organizations.

In our partnerships, we’re focused on:

  • Advancing the rights of children and youth, especially participatory rights;
  • Expanding global education and supporting the integration of young people into the global economy, critical to national economic futures;
  • Instilling civic values in young people, to the benefit of more stable societies;
  • Engaging young people in action on peace and security;
  • Empowering young people as societal leaders and civic participants, unleashing their role as catalysts of sustainable political systems and defenders of the rule of law;
  • Ensuring that all young people have a place in sustainable development and are at the forefront of action on important community challenges;
  • Investing in youth-driven development innovation and elevating young leaders.
IAYG family partnerships extend across every sector of work and every region of interest. 

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Office for Civil Society Partnerships

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As part of the IAYG family’s long-time commitment to open partnership processes, we invite representatives of all types of non-governmental and civil society organizations to discuss partnerships on how we can work together to advance the rights and opportunities of young people.