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Climate change. Changing development. Geopolitical tensions. Receding human rights. 

Every child, student, and young person alive today will be profoundly impacted by global trends, geographic change, and environmental challenges. But in many of the world’s largest education systems, the students will receive only get a passing glance. Those students fortunate enough to proceed to university may never encounter global or environmental studies. And without conversations in communities, today’s young people don’t have meaningful exposure to world issues. 

We believe that every young person should be able to learn about and engage in the world.

Young people need to understand the world in order to engage in it. A comprehensive geographic and global education gives them the spatial understanding, global perspective, and understanding of world issues needed to be citizens and leaders. Our mission is focused on geographic, global citizenship, and environmental education, whether that means designing human rights education programmes or geography competitions. 

We believe that young people should be able to apply these skills to serve, lead, and engage in the world. The challenges of this century need the passion, power, and potential of globally educated, engaged, and empowered youth. Our mission is to be their champion.

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