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2019-2020 COVID-19 Pandemic

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Covid-19 Health and Safety Guidelines

Covid-19 has affected us all in many different ways, however now more than ever, it is important to stay safe and follow proper guidelines. Click below to see a summary of key advice in the below infographic.

The 2020 COVID-19 pandemic is imposing a significant impact on projects and events across the IAYG Family. It has already caused postponements and cancellations, and will likely result in dramatic shifts in our focuses as we work to prioritize health and safety. We ask project leads to closely abide by the recommendations of the World Health Organization and individual national public health agencies where applicable. In addition, we will provide updates to program information as soon as possible on this page.

September 2020

We have developed a document with summary advisory guidance for team members, to be used in conjunction in local and national guidance to support gatherings. It can be accessed below.

August 2020

After delays in India Geography Challenge planning, we’ve decided to hold a virtual Kerala Geography Challenge led by Sonnet Salice ([email protected]), a program lead who is currently in Trivanathapuram.

Programmes restart this month in Rwanda, with best efforts placed towards health and safety awareness. All participants in programmes are expected to maintain social distancing and wear masks. Surgical masks are recommended.

I want to stress the importance of individual responsibility to take care of each other. Remember that principal responsibility and guidance comes from local health and law enforcement. While we cannot individually monitor every implementation, we will seek to organize advice as additional support for all of our programme leads. These will be released to team members as an organization-wide advisory guidance by the end of this month.

Phillip Meng, President


I wish you all safety and health during this challenging time. We can’t lose sight that this is an enormous human tragedy that we all have a responsibility to protect against.

As expected, COVID-19 has and will cause significant disruptions, for IAYG Family projects and IAYG Family-backed initiatives. Even when events and gatherings move forward, they can do so in a different format – for instance, I’m speaking on the back of the Philippine Geography Olympiad, which was postponed to this month by a DepEd directive. Just days after the event was held, Manila was brought under a lockdown. We’re currently re-evaluating training plans for the winners and other procedures in light of new information.

We are prepared that limitations on movements and gatherings could be long-term. We are also ready to assist all IAYG Family-backed efforts. I am in communication with Emmanuel and the Africa Youth SDGs Summit team over potential impacts for the event in the fall, and have received confirmation that the team is ready to delay or adjust plans as necessary.

Of course, the IAYG Family is a network of changemakers in geographic, global, and civic education – we are not a public health agency or governmental institution. We urge all of the IAYG family to be attuned to new health guidance from inter-governmental and national government institutions. Their professional advice is the best reassurance in uncertain times.

Thanks, as always, for your patience and understanding.

Phillip Meng, President


Monica May Mendoza

Director, Communications and Public Affairs

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Kyle Vincent Singson

Deputy Director, Communications and Public Affairs

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Communications Representative

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