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An official website of the IAYG Family

The original version of this page is located at iaygfamily.org/authentic.

This website is an official website of the IAYG family. We take fraudulent uses of the IAYG family’s brand, likeness, and name seriously. Make sure you know when you are on an official IAYG family website – and let us know immediately if you see the IAYG family’s brand misrepresented.

Websites that end with an IAYG family domain are authentic

The IAYG family and its institutions operate websites and digital platforms to facilitate engagement with the public. All websites that end with a domain owned by the IAYG family are authentic. These include:









When entering passwords or financial information, look for https

The “https” at the beginning of a website URL tells you that your connection is secure. Not all pages have https in front, but when you are entering passwords or sensitive financial information, look for the https in front of the website URL.