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IAYG Clubs for Peace in Rwanda bring human rights and global engagement education to 300+ students

DECEMBER 14, 2019

IAYG Geographic and Global Education and International Geographical Union continue programmatic partnership

DECEMBER 10, 2019

With Brandon Warren, Hope Wins: Founder of We LIVE, IAYG Family-backed organization, inspires others

DECEMBER 8, 2019



DECEMBER 17, 2019

Your IAYG Family 

The IAYG family is an international non-governmental organization dedicated to helping young people learn about and engage in the world. First founded as the National Association of Young Geographers (NAYG) to advance geographic, global, and environmental education, we’ve grown and consolidated to support internationally educated and involved young people – and will keep connecting changemakers, empowering volunteers, and fighting until every child has a champion. Get to know some projects and programmes in our family of efforts:

IAYG Geographic & Global Education supports our founding focus: geographic and global education, which provides the tools to engage and lead in an interconnected world. We connect geography students worldwide, while organizing seminars, competitions, and other exciting opportunities for young people in this critical area of study.

The IAYG Family’s Clubs for Peace programme supports Clubs for Peace in schools and community centres. Led by volunteers, with IAYG Family leadership and materials, these clubs help create young champions of peace, human rights, and international engagement. Expanding our program to more countries is a top priority.

The IAYG Family works to be a foundation for youth-led organizations and projects. IAYG Family-backed organizations are important parts of the IAYG Family central to this goal. Often independently founded, these organizations are integrated into IAYG as we help develop and scale programs and organizations to new heights.


Southeast Asia: 10th Philippine Geography Olympiad

The Geographical Society of the University of the Philippines, the official university branch of IAYG at UP, the programme and question developers at the IAYG Family, and the UP Geography Department are proud to present the 10th Philippine Geography Olympiad!

Ken Jennings’ Question of the Week

East Africa Global Studies and GIS Challenge

IAYG Schools Challenge @ Allahabad


Expanding programmes that put young people at the forefront of global studies and development are a key priority.

Our commitment to young people includes committing to support young and early career academics and researchers in global studies. In addition to IAYG programs for university students and young researchers, through our partnership with the International Geographical Union’s Young and Early Career Geographers Taskforce (IGU-YECG), we provide logistical support to Taskforce activities and jointly support certain programmes.

Partner Youth-Focused Reseach

The IAYG Family is celebrating its one-year anniversary as a member of the Global Coalition for Youth, Peace, and Security. In recognition of our commitment, we have agreed to share an exciting report from UNOY, a member of the Coalition:


The IAYG Family is a global platform for young people, volunteers, and changemakers focused on impact. 

Powered by people

The IAYG family includes projects and programmes around the world, along with organizations whose work is backed by the IAYG family. But none of this would be possible without the dedicated volunteers who support our individual programmes – many of whom are young people.

From communities up

The IAYG family is a decentralized organization because we believe that development starts from communities on up, not from organizations on down. We bring in ideas and projects proposed by community leaders themselves, and programme leadership is always local.

Committed to youth leadership

We work hard to serve, reach, and represent young people – and we deeply respect the power of youth leadership. Projects and programmes in the IAYG family work to unleash youth voices. Others are led by young people themselves. And IAYG Family-backed organizations are exclusively led by youth.

For every child, a place in the world

We fight for a globally connected, engaged, and empowered young people as their champions. To elevate their places in societies. To connect communities and bridge global divides. To ensure that children are not left behind in an increasingly interconnected world.

Our vision is built on the idea that sustainable and prosperous societies depend on whether young people can engage in the world. Projects and programmes across the IAYG Family work to realize that vision very day.

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We work to educate and empower young people to have a place in the world – starting from geographic & global education, youth leadership and service, and children’s participation on global issues. Learn more