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About the IAYG Family    Overview


With twelve primary organizations, dozens of local and national affiliates, and staff on every continent, the IAYG family is a unique multilateral partnership and one of the world’s most influential humanitarian institutions focused on children and youth. Accountable to member and affiliate governments, stakeholders, and above all, to young people, the IAYG family’s mandate centres on elevating the places of young people in societies, representing and defending the rights of young people, and advancing global opportunity: all to ensure that every child has a place in the world. In partnership with governments, civil society, and the private sector, the IAYG family and its humanitarian system champion a generation of globally connected, engaged young people empowered to lead – across more than 170 countries, every single day.


Every child should have a place in the world

About this Picture  |  Children attending an educational programme in Kampala, Uganda. The IAYG family’s work on behalf of young people includes IAYG family institutions’ longtime leadership in geographic, global, environmental, and civic education.

We believe that every child should have a place in the world. Every day, across more than 170 countries, the IAYG family serves as the champion of young people and their place in the societies they uphold. With twelve primary institutions, dozens of local and national organizations and affiliates, staff working on the ground on every continent, and an operational footprint across every part of the world, the IAYG family is a uniquely diverse humanitarian consortium. Alongside governments, civil society, and the private sector, we lead the fight for the rights, representation, engagement, and empowerment of young people in their communities. 

The IAYG family is an international multilateral institution. The work of the IAYG system, in accordance with the institution’s mandate, is made possible by the participation of member governments in the Developing World, affiliate and partner governments, and institutional stakeholders across every sector. As a multilateral institution in the public trust, the IAYG family is responsible to member and affiliate governments, private sector stakeholders, and above all, to the general public and to young people, who count on the IAYG system to advance and represent their potential every day. 

The IAYG family’s mandate, rooted in the institution’s charter and reaffirmed annually by member governments, institutional stakeholders, and IAYG family leadership, is to advance global opportunity: the opportunity to learn, engage, participate, and lead in a changing world. Within this framework, we champion all children and youth as a generation of connected, tolerant, engaged young people empowered to lead. In communities from Jaipur to Juba, from community to national levels, in schools and in war zones, we represent young people, defend their rights, elevate their place in societies, strengthen their agency as citizens, advance global education, and empower them to lead.

Every year, the IAYG family’s member governments and stakeholders reaffirm the institution’s mandate to advance global opportunity and the place of young people

Across twelve primary sectors of work, we carry out our mandate in every part of the world as the champion of global opportunity for all children and youth

In every type of community, with partners big and small, we fight for young people. Our efforts are led by local and national branches, in cooperation with 12 regional directorates

Our work to empower young people knows no bounds. Neither do the energy of the people and partners that help define our work


The world’s champion of opportunity

About this Picture  |  A boy looks toward the camera, southern Afghanistan. In societies scarred by conflict, the IAYG family is engaging young people in action on peace and security and empowering them to uphold strong and sustainable political systems – lasting investments in young people as citizens and resilient societies they depend on for opportunity.

The IAYG family’s mandate is the framework for our worldwide humanitarian commitments, and delineates the IAYG family’s institutional responsibility to young people as the world’s champion of a generation of globally connected, engaged young people empowered to lead and thrive in a changing world.  

To fulfil this mandate, the IAYG family serves children in more than 170 countries, deploys staff on every continent, and supports an expansive humanitarian ecosystem of governments, civil society, and allied private sector actors. We support governments in developing and implementing policies that engage youth as citizens and advance global opportunity. Likewise, the IAYG family recognizes the importance of engaging the private sector and civil society to create better solutions to the challenges that still face young people, and actively seek partnerships and alliances that engage their work. 

The IAYG family’s commitments as the champion of children’s rights as citizens and their global opportunity are divided into twelve primary sectors of work. We elevate the place of young people in communities and societies. We advance global education and integrate young people into a changing economy. We combat radicalization and promote tolerance, cultural connectivity, and respect for the rule of law. We defend the participatory rights of children and youth in communities all across the world, while building pathways to engagement in societies and empowering young people to uphold sustainable political systems. We engage young people in peace and security, climate change, and sustainable development – amplifying their voices and representing their aspirations on issues that are critical to their lives. We invest in youth-driven innovation and develop youth civil society sectors as one of the world’s most influential catalytic actors for youth-centred societal change. And we expand their engagement and empower young people with the capacity to lead. 

Every day, children and youth can count on the institutions of the IAYG family as their champion. Learn more about our work on their behalf

The IAYG family’s mandate constitutes a framework for twelve primary sectors of work for empowering young people and elevating their places in society

When crises hit, children impacted are among the world’s most vulnerable. IAYG family institutions respond on the ground to secure their rights, advance opportunity, and accelerate recovery

We support governments and the humanitarian sector at large with transparent, high-quality research and data, led by the Office for Research and Data-Driven Development

Institutions across the IAYG family work on the forefront of innovation to serve young people in better ways. The IAYG family’s Idrisi Centre leads institution-wide investments in development innovation


Many institutions, one shared goal


About this Picture  |  IAYG family programmes are expanding civic education in Gishwati Forest, Rwanda. Across the world, the IAYG family extends civic education, defends their rights as citizens, and engages them to lead – championing a generation of children and youth to advance sustainable, prosperous, and stable societies.

Twelve primary institutions, dozens of local partners and affiliates, hundreds of grant programmes, expansive public-private partnerships, and staff across local, national, and regional offices make up the IAYG system: united in its commitment to empowering all young people. 

Children and youth in every part of the world count on the IAYG family as their champion. The IAYG family’s humanitarian leadership is made possible by staff on every continent and the active engagement of local affiliates and partners that operate across 180 countries. Learn more about working with the IAYG family

Programmes, initiatives, and funds conducted by the IAYG family and its institutions are implemented by local and national offices. Twelve regional directorates oversee the work of the IAYG family across a region and coordinate between national offices. Programme bureaus represent the IAYG family’s twelve primary sectors of work, facilitate key operational needs, and coordinate institution-wide commitments to partners, stakeholders, and affiliates. Specialized bureaus oversee the IAYG family’s investments in data, innovation, and partnerships.

The President of the IAYG family oversees humanitarian commitments across the IAYG system. Learn more about the Office of the President here. In conjunction with the Office for Global Communications and Public Affairs, the Office of the Spokesperson of the President oversees communications out of the Office of President and represents the leadership of the IAYG family.

The Board of Governors of the IAYG family, elected by member governments and institutional stakeholders, exercises oversight over the institution’s operations, as well as the individual governing boards, partnerships, and commitments of organizations and institutions in the IAYG system. Members of the Board of Governors are elected to two-year terms and nominated by institution stakeholders. The composition of the Board of Governors, as well as individual governing boards in IAYG family institutions, are governed by the Charter of the IAYG Family.

Accountability and Governance

Six monitoring agencies comprise the IAYG family’s Offices for Accountability and Accessible Governance (OAAG), which exercises independent oversight over the IAYG family and its entire humanitarian ecosystem. Learn more


Multilateralism that works

About this Picture  |  Children look towards the front of a classroom in Kayin state, Burma during a seminar on sustainability and environmental change. Across the world, the IAYG family and its institutions are leading the expansion of education in sustainability and climate change – taking on a changing climate by changing minds.

As a multilateral institution, the IAYG family leads a worldwide consensus on global opportunity, representation, participatory rights, and the status of young people. Learn more about the IAYG family’s partners and stakeholders

The IAYG family is an international organization formed by member states in the Developing World, affiliate and partner governments, and institution stakeholders from every sector. The IAYG family supports governments of developing countries with programmatic support, technical grants, and policy advice to empower and protect the rights of young people. Member and affiliate governments hold 40% of voting rights in the IAYG family and nomination rights to the IAYG family’s governance boards, including on the IAYG family’s Board of Governors. Learn more about how the IAYG family works with member and affiliate states

The IAYG family recognizes the critical role of civil society and the private sector in realizing the aspirations and potential of all young people. Across all sectors of the IAYG system, we actively build alliances with non-governmental organizations, civil society, foundations, companies, and other private sector actors to seek better solutions for young people. Learn more about how we collaborate with the private sector

Learn more about the IAYG family’s work with

Member and affiliate governments are at the core of the IAYG family’s worldwide humanitarian commitments and its work as a multilateral institution. The IAYG family and member states are allied institutions and respective stakeholders

Other international institutions, multilateral organizations, and international finance institutions are essential partners in the empowerment of youth. The IAYG family builds collaborative relationships to advance shared strategic priorities

Civil society and community-based organizations are central to solutions to the toughest challenges facing young people. The IAYG family engages civil society organizations at all levels to meet the needs of young people and support community decision-making

The IAYG family recognizes the essential role of the private sector in advancing innovative, business-oriented models of development. We build alliances with companies and other private sector actors to harness innovation and better serve children and youth


The Public Progress Initiative (PGI) tracks institution-wide commitments and progress towards goals for the empowerment of young people across the IAYG family system. Learn more about the work that the IAYG family is doing for you, your community, and on behalf of children and youth worldwide. 


As part of the institution-wide commitment of the IAYG system to accountability and access to information, the IAYG family works collaboratively with the news media and media partners to bring news, media, documents, statements, and information from the IAYG family’s commitments to the public.


The IAYG family is one of the world’s most transparent and open humanitarian institutions. Landmark directives on transparency and open data, along with institution-wide mechanisms for public access ensure freedom of information and strengthen public confidence in the work of their institution.