Welcome to the official website of the IAYG Family


The IAYG family’s Directive on Transparency and Open Data (DiTOD) provides an extensive framework for transparent and easy access to information within the organizations of the IAYG family. As an institution accountable to our partners, member and affiliate governments, and most importantly, to citizens and to all young people, our approach to information about our operations is governed by transparency, accountability, and open participation.

We believe that information about the operations and activities of the IAYG family should be transparent: available to all to see and understand. We believe that the IAYG family should be accountable: as an institution in the public trust, the IAYG family will always operate in a manner responsible to all people. Finally, we believe that the IAYG family should provide a venue for citizen participation, especially that of young people, as partners in our mission.


File a Request for Information

If you would like to learn more about IAYG operations, or have specific questions about any of our work, you can file a request for information. The IAYG family’s response to requests is governed by the Directive on Transparency and Open Data and processed by the IAYG family’s Global Communications division. While we cannot always guarantee that your request will be granted, we always strive to respond to as much of your inquiry as possible.

The process for making DiTOD requests represents our commitment to the ease of obtaining information. To make a DiTOD request, please first fill out the preliminary request form below. Your submission will be reviewed by the IAYG family’s Global Communications division. If possible, you will be directed to publicly available information on our websites and digital platforms. If not, the submission will be assigned a official case number and you will have the opportunity to make a full, detailed request.