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North America

Although countries in North America are among the world’s wealthiest, disparities remain in access to global opportunity and engagement of young people – often creating isolated and disenfranchised communities of young people. Advancing their opportunities, supporting their engagement, and accelerating their integration into the global economy is critical to building stronger communities.

All North American youth have a place in the region’s future

The United States and Canada are among the world’s most prosperous countries. In the last three decades, communities in both countries have made immense strides in extending youth leadership, furthering the engagement of children and youth in communities, advancing global opportunity, and preparing young people for an increasingly connected world. Thanks in large part to the engagement of children and youth as partners in better communities, cities that once ranked as some of the world’s most crime-afflicted have begun to recover. These are worthy accomplishments. Today, societies, and the leadership of the young people that uphold them, are stronger.

However, some communities have been left behind – and immense disparities in access to global opportunity and engagement continue to hamper communities’ potential. Recovery from recession has not benefited all communities equally: youth unemployment and insufficient economic growth in many parts of the region, when combined with vast inequities in global education and insufficient engagement in a changing global economy, have left vast communities of children and youth behind – and with them, communities that depend on their leadership. Access to global, global citizenship, and environmental education is often limited, to the detriment of young people and their futures. And in far too many communities, especially in urban centers most afflicted by poverty, homelessness, and crime, as well as in areas of endemic poverty and weak economi growth, many communities of young people remain disconnected to their communities – troubling realities in places where their partnership in reducing crime, encouraging educational outcomes, and strengthening communities is needed more than ever before. 

Across North America, the IAYG family is extending its worldwide commitment to empower children and youth, elevate their place in society, engage them in communities, and integrate all young people into the global economy. In partnership with Americans and Canadians, local and municipal governments, and civil society, we’re taking on challenges of youth unemployment, engaging young people and strengthening community engagement, and unleashing the potential of young people as citizens and catalysts of change. Our efforts are particularly focused on the engagement of minorities, children from impoverished communities, and other communities of interest, where engagement and access to global opportunity have traditionally been limited. North America’s young people represent immense potential – with the critical task of driving sustainable growth, taking action on the toughest challenges that face the region and the world, building stronger communities, and improving the livelihoods of their fellow citizens. 

Our Operations in North America

The IAYG family’s operations in North America iclude operations across all primary sectors of work. Our commitments to the region include close collaboration with municipal governments, community-based organizations, civil society, academic institutions, and young people themselves. Learn more about our primary sectors of work

As the region-level oversight organization of the IAYG family in North America, the Regional Directorate for North America facilitates communication between country offices, helps oversee their work, and leads the general commitment of IAYG family institutions and partners across the entire region. 

The Office of the Director is responsible for general leadership of the IAYG family in the region. Additionally,  four deputy offices report directly to the Office, and are responsible for leading facets of the IAYG family’s commitment to the region:

  • The Office of the Deputy Director for Administration oversees relationships between country offices, region-wide programmatic administration, and regional strategic direction. As the most senior deputy organization, the Office additionally exercises extensive oversight over programmes conducted at local and national levels in the region.
  • The Office of the Deputy Director for Partnerships and Government Relations oversees joint coordination and region-wide partnerships with governments, inter-governmental organizations, civil society, private sector, and other stakeholders. To learn more about the IAYG family’s legacy of partnerships, click here
  • The Office of the Deputy Director for Programme Development oversees the IAYG family’s programme, in-kind assistance, and joint-venture programme pipeline across the region. The office is responsible for programme development across every sector of work in the IAYG family.
  • The Office of the Deputy Director for Communications and Accountability is responsible for communications, community relations, and transparency in operation across the regional branch. In its capacity ensuring accountable governance, the office works closely with the IAYG family’s Office for Accountability and Accessible Governance (OAAG). Learn more about our commitment to transparency and accountability here.

Alphabetical Listing of Countries and Regions

The Regional Directorate for North America oversees all country offices, programmes, institutional partnerships, and partnerships in Canada and the United States of America. Additionally, the Directorate is responsible for relationships with regional governments, civil society partners, and other IAYG family relationships.
Local and national programmes, projects, and initiatives in Mexico, Central America, and the Caribbean are overseen by the Regional Directorate for Latin America and the Caribbean. Learn more here
Regional Directorate for North America
Communications, Transparency, and Public Relations Desk

Enquiries about partnerships are handled by the Office of the Deputy Director for Partnerships and Government Relations, and should be directed to northam-pgr@iaygfamily.org.

IAYG family media partners should contact Ms. Jaimie Ding (jaimie.ding@iaygfamily.org). To learn more about regional media contacts, click here.

Queries relating to governance, accountability, corruption, and/or ethics should be made here.

To contact the Directorate for North America with regard to programme information or general enquiries, please fill out the form below:

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