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Eastern and Southern Africa

The countries of Eastern and Southern Africa boast some of the fastest population and economic growth in the world – and continued development, alleviation of poverty, and societal progress depends on children and youth. More than 55% of the regions’ population is under 25. Ensuring that each child has access to global opportunity, participatory rights, and engagement with the world is critical.

Eastern and Southern Africa

Africa’s youth hold the key to Africa’s future

More than 260 million children and youth, comprising a majority of the region’s population, live in Eastern and Southern Africa. Their future is the region’s future. Continued investment in a generation of young, globally connected, educated, and engaged Eastern and Southern Africans is not just critical to accelerating the region’s development, but to maintaining stability and addressing endemic poverty.

Decades after decolonization and independence, poverty and vast disparities in opportunity remain common-place across the region. Children’s participatory rights are not uniformly upheld, and far too many young people – especially those in rural, inland parts of the continent – have few opportunities to engage in their communities. While connectivity is improving rapidly, poor infrastructure and digital access mean that communities of young people are often isolated. Much progress remains ahead in ensuring that every child is engaged with the world around them, educated to participate in an increasingly connected world, and empowered as individuals with agency and the potential to lead, not just in the future, but today.

The historic size and influence of this generation of young people means their role in society is particularly important. They have a critical role in catalyzing peace and security: essential for a region that has historically been rocked by conflict, and where political instability and insurgencies continue to threaten the security of civilians. As Africa develops, industries grow, and cities expand, their role in sustainable and environmentally conscious growth will only expand. Climate change poses a serious and existential threat to the livelihoods of many young people across the region – especially in island nations – and young people must be at the centre of solutions. Likewise, children and youth have a critical part to play in the maintenance of sustainable political systems and flourishing civil society. 

Ensuring that all children across this region have global opportunity – educated and empowered to learn, engage, participate, and lead in a changing world, founded in an understanding and appreciation of an increasingly connected planet – is a fundamental imperative. It will make the difference between a generation of empowered young people ready to take on the continent’s challenges, or a generation of disaffected youth destabilizing societies that already face substantial challenges.

Our Operations in Eastern and Southern Africa

The IAYG family’s operations in Eastern and Southern Africa are among our most extensive, and include operations across all primary sectors of work. Our commitments to the region include close collaboration with Eastern and Southern African governments, community-based organizations, civil society, academic institutions, and young people themselves. Learn more about our primary sectors of work

As the region-level oversight organization of the IAYG family in Eastern and Southern Africa, the Regional Directorate for Eastern and Southern Africa facilitates communication between country offices, helps oversee their work, and leads the general commitment of IAYG family institutions and partners across the entire region. 

The Office of the Director is responsible for general leadership of the IAYG family in the region. Additionally,  four deputy offices report directly to the Office, and are responsible for leading facets of the IAYG family’s commitment to the region:

  • The Office of the Deputy Director for Administration oversees relationships between country offices, region-wide programmatic administration, and regional strategic direction. As the most senior deputy organization, the Office additionally exercises extensive oversight over programmes conducted at local and national levels in the region.
  • The Office of the Deputy Director for Partnerships and Government Relations oversees joint coordination and region-wide partnerships with governments, inter-governmental organizations, civil society, private sector, and other stakeholders. To learn more about the IAYG family’s legacy of partnerships, click here
  • The Office of the Deputy Director for Programme Development oversees the IAYG family’s programme, in-kind assistance, and joint-venture programme pipeline across the region. The office is responsible for programme development across every sector of work in the IAYG family.
  • The Office of the Deputy Director for Communications and Accountability is responsible for communications, community relations, and transparency in operation across the regional branch. In its capacity ensuring accountable governance, the office works closely with the IAYG family’s Office for Accountability and Accessible Governance (OAAG). Learn more about our commitment to transparency and accountability here.

Alphabetical Listing of Countries and Regions

The Regional Directorate for Eastern and Southern Africa oversees all country offices, programmes, institutional partnerships, and partnerships in the following countries and areas. Additionally, the Directorate is responsible for relationships with Eastern and Central African governments, civil society partners, and other IAYG family relationships.
Please note that the names and designations shown below and in the map are for reference purposes and do not imply endorsement by the IAYG family.
South Africa
South Sudan
Tanzania, United Republic of
Regional Directorate for Eastern and Southern Africa
Communications, Transparency, and Public Relations (Nairobi)

Enquiries about partnerships are handled by the Office of the Deputy Director for Partnerships and Government Relations, and should be directed to amos.tabalia@iaygfamily.org.

IAYG family media partners should contact Mr. Brian Ochieng (brian.ochieng@iaygfamily.org). To learn more about regional media contacts, click here.

Queries relating to governance, accountability, corruption, and/or ethics should be made here.

To contact the Directorate for Eastern and Southern Africa with regard to programme information or general enquiries, please fill out the form below:

Contact the Regional Directorate for Eastern and Southern Africa


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