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IAYG Family and the Private Sector

We recognize the vastly important role that the private sector plays in catalyzing opportunity for young people. The IAYG family works closely with the private sector at all levels of work, leveraging shared resources and capacity for innovation to invest in global opportunity for all young people. 

“Harnessing the innovation and ingenuity of the private sector is critical to closing the barriers that young people face, empowering them with opportunity, and advancing societal development as a result. The investments that private sector actors make in young people, in close partnership with the IAYG family, do not just improve communities, strengthen confidence in the relationship between businesses and future customers, and protect the dignity of children’s lives: they are long-term investments in flourishing economies and sustainable societies that all businesses need to succeed.”

 – 2016 General Framework on Institutional Partnerships

About IAYG Family Partnerships with the Private Sector 

The IAYG family, its organizations, efforts, and IAYG-led coalitions engage with companies, financial institutions, and other private-sector actors on a regular basis all across the world. Private sector actors are partners, donors, and investors for change. 

Children and youth are critical to the future success of all private sector actors. They are the most enduring economic drivers, consumers, leaders, and employees – economic actors that matter now. Whether they are empowered with global opportunity – able to compete in an increasingly connected world, able to lead, participate, and realize their dignity – is the determinant of the health of economies and sustainability of societies for decades to come.

We work closely with private sector actors to invest in young people and their opportunities. As the champion of a new generation of young people engaged and prepared for a global economy, the IAYG family is committed to expanding private-sector engagement with and investment in communities of youth. Our partnerships aim to direct and expand private-sector investment toward employment training, multilevel education, and other critical facets of opportunity that advance the place of youth in the world. They leverage cross-sector innovation and talent to allow young people to strengthen communities, markets, and more breeding grounds of innovation. The IAYG family also strongly supports social innovation and companies that innovate for children and youth, including in the education sector.

Private sector donors that support the IAYG family’s commitments play an immeasurable role in advocating for children, improving communities, and creating a more inclusive world. By investing in the future of young people, they’re investing in stronger talent pools and healthier economies – in more inclusive communities better prepared for universal challenges. 

Extending and expanding private sector partnerships and cooperation is integral to the IAYG family’s humanitarian commitment moving forward. As part of our commitment to open and transparent partnerships, we invite private sector organizations to visit the partnership opportunities page to learn more about the IAYG family grants and calls for proposals, as well as to reach out to the Office for Private Sector Partnerships directly to propose collaborations. The Office is responsible for coordinating between all regional offices for partnerships and bringing partnerships at all level to fruition in partnership with local-level IAYG organizations.

In our partnerships, we’re focused on:

  • Advancing the rights of children and youth, especially participatory rights;
  • Expanding global education and supporting the integration of young people into the global economy, critical to national economic futures;
  • Instilling civic values in young people, to the benefit of more stable societies;
  • Engaging young people in action on peace and security;
  • Empowering young people as societal leaders and civic participants, unleashing their role as catalysts of sustainable political systems and defenders of the rule of law;
  • Ensuring that all young people have a place in sustainable development and are at the forefront of action on important community challenges;
  • Investing in youth-driven development innovation and elevating young leaders.
IAYG family partnerships extend across every sector of work and every region of interest. 

Click here to learn more about the IAYG family’s primary sectors of work, and here to learn more about regional directorates.

Office for Private-Sector Partnerships

Worldwide Desk

As part of the IAYG family’s long-time commitment to open partnership processes, we invite representatives of all types of non-governmental and civil society organizations to discuss partnerships on how we can work together to advance the rights and opportunities of young people.