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IAYG Family and International Institutions

All international humanitarian institutions, multilateral organizations, organizations in the United Nations system, and international finance institutions have an interest in and essential role catalyzing better outcomes for children and youth. We work in close collaboration with other major international institutions and coalitions to advance our shared strategic priorities.

About IAYG Family Partnerships with International Institutions

The IAYG family, its organizations, efforts, and IAYG-led coalitions engage closely with other major international institutions, united in the belief that progress for young people happens only when all stakeholders work together. With respect for the immense experience and valuable perspectives that other humanitarian institutions, international finance institutions, multilateral organizations, and organizations in the UN system, inter-governmental actors, and other international institutions bring in advancing the status of young people, we forge collaborative relationships built on innovation and joint resource commitments.

The IAYG family’s mandate in advancing global opportunity for all young people, spearheading their integration into the global economy, and strengthening their ability to engage, participate, and lead in the communities they drive is closely related to those of other international and inter-governmental institutions that serve young people and drive sustainable development. Partner international institutions recognize that today, it is not enough to only save children’s lives – it is critical to ensure that they have the opportunity to realize their own dignity and get ahead in an increasingly connected world. Likewise, globally connected young people able to engage in changing economies lift societies and economies, and empowering them is at the core of sustainable development. Broadly, we build alliances and seek partnerships with other international institutions in all areas relating to global opportunity for youth, including in areas where the IAYG family exercises expansive international leadership. These partnerships advance global and geographic education, further children’s participatory rights, enhance societal engagement, seek greater representation, facilitate the role of children and youth in sustainable development, security, and the environmental advocacy, and more. Learn more about what we do

Our legacy of collaboration includes programme partnerships, alliances, and funding partnerships. The IAYG family also provides in-kind support, secondments, and sponsorships to allied institutions, as part of our worldwide commitment to catalyzing more action on global opportunity for young people and our longtime leadership in this sector. 

The IAYG family also works with other major international institutions to bring together wider bodies of knowledge, leverage institutional resources, and expand instruments of implementation for international goals – including through data-sharing arrangements and joint participation in global coalitions. In 2019, the IAYG family will expand its commitments to global coalitions and institutional alliances. As part of the IAYG family’s support for the United Nations system, we will also extend stronger support for United Nations Inter-Agency Working Groups that the IAYG family is part of or advises.

Institutional partnerships are facilitated by Chief Liaisons between the IAYG family and partner institutions. To learn more about building a new partnership, an institutional alliance, or other area of cooperation, we invite international institutions, international finance organizations, and inter-governmental  alliances to reach out to the Office for Partnerships with International Institutions. The Office is responsible for new institutional partnerships at all levels of the organization, in consultation with local, national, and regional-level directorates.

In our partnerships, we’re focused on:

  • Advancing the rights of children and youth, especially participatory rights;
  • Expanding global education and supporting the integration of young people into the global economy, critical to national economic futures;
  • Instilling civic values in young people, to the benefit of more stable societies;
  • Engaging young people in action on peace and security;
  • Empowering young people as societal leaders and civic participants, unleashing their role as catalysts of sustainable political systems and defenders of the rule of law;
  • Ensuring that all young people have a place in sustainable development and are at the forefront of action on important community challenges;
  • Investing in youth-driven development innovation and elevating young leaders.
IAYG family partnerships extend across every sector of work and every region of interest. 

Click here to learn more about the IAYG family’s primary sectors of work, and here to learn more about regional directorates.

Office for Partnerships with International Institutions

Worldwide Desk

As part of the IAYG family’s long-time commitment to open partnership processes, we invite representatives of all types of non-governmental and civil society organizations to discuss partnerships on how we can work together to advance the rights and opportunities of young people.