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IAYG Family and Foundations

Foundations and philanthropy play a critical role in empowering young people. We work with foundations and philanthropic institutions at all levels to expand global opportunity, advance children’s rights, and help forge a new generation.

About IAYG Family Partnerships with Foundations

Philanthropy has a central role in bringing about change. With respect for the immense contributions that foundations and philanthropic institutions can make in advancing the condition of young people, along with the needed expertise and valuable perspectives they bring, the IAYG family builds extensive partnerships with philanthropy at all levels of the institution.

Today, it is not enough to only save children’s lives – they must have a chance to actualize their fundamental human dignity through opportunity, their rights and potential as societal participants must be realized, their voices must be heard, and they cannot be left behind in a changing world. 

Philanthropic institutions understand this. As part of the IAYG family’s worldwide mandate as the champion of global opportunity and a generation of engaged, connected young people, we build strong relationships with allied institutions. All levels of the IAYG family, from the local level up, build alliances with foundations, with a special focus on catalyzing innovation and technology-forward approaches to expanding opportunity and empowering youth. At the international level, the IAYG family builds high-impact, broad partnerships with philanthropy that impact several regions of critical support. As in every sector of work, our partnerships with philanthropy emphasize tangible outcomes with community-wide benefits: helping children to help the world.

All discussions with philanthropic institutions begin with the IAYG family’s Philanthropic Partnerships Support Team (PPST). To learn more about our philanthropic partnerships and/or how foundations and philanthropic institutions can work with us, please directly reach out to Mitchell Robson (mitchell.robson@iaygfamily.org).

In our partnerships, we’re focused on:

  • Advancing the rights of children and youth, especially participatory rights;
  • Expanding global education and supporting the integration of young people into the global economy, critical to national economic futures;
  • Instilling civic values in young people, to the benefit of more stable societies;
  • Engaging young people in action on peace and security;
  • Empowering young people as societal leaders and civic participants, unleashing their role as catalysts of sustainable political systems and defenders of the rule of law;
  • Ensuring that all young people have a place in sustainable development and are at the forefront of action on important community challenges;
  • Investing in youth-driven development innovation and elevating young leaders.
IAYG family partnerships extend across every sector of work and every region of interest. 

Click here to learn more about the IAYG family’s primary sectors of work, and here to learn more about regional directorates.

Philanthropic Partnerships Support Team

Worldwide Desk

As part of the IAYG family’s long-time commitment to open partnership processes, we invite representatives of all types of philanthropic institutions to discuss partnerships on how we can work together to advance the rights and opportunities of young people.