Welcome to the official website of the IAYG Family

Advancing opportunity for young people requires the concerted efforts of organizations and institutions from all sectors and every part of the world. As part of its mandate, the IAYG family works extensively with global and local organizations, governments, civil society, and other private-sector actors to seek and implement better solutions to the toughest challenges facing children and youth today.

The IAYG family’s commitment to partnerships

Partnerships are central to the IAYG family’s humanitarian leadership and integrated across every area of our work. We recognize that no institution alone can tackle all of the challenges facing children and youth today, and promote the role of partners from every sector, background, and industry. We proactively build cross-sector partnerships to seek and implement better solutions to the most complex challenges facing children and youth today. 

At local, national, regional, and international levels, the IAYG family works with organizations of all sizes and backgrounds. The IAYG family is proud to take an open approach to partnerships, inviting all organizations to approach the IAYG family and propose collaborations. As delineated by the 2016 General Framework on Institutional Partnerships, we are strongly committed to developing open, efficient, and transparent partnerships that clearly advance community goals – and as with all IAYG family operations, we always advance models of development that incorporate the voices and specific needs of communities served first.

Oversight and administration of IAYG family partnerships and affiliate relationships are managed by the IAYG family’s worldwide partnerships bureaus, which are further divided into desks responsible for relationships with each stakeholder and partner group. In addition, each IAYG family regional directorate oversees local, national, and regional partnerships, along with all public-sector relationships, in its region of interest. As a multilateral institution in the public trust, we uphold the highest standards for ethics, integrity, and accountability across all partnerships and areas of work. Ethics, accountability, and efficiencyof all partnership programmes are overseen by the Offices for Accountability and Accessible Governance, responsible for monitoring and protecting the integrity of all work across the IAYG family’s humanitarian ecosystem.

Organizations and institutions are regularly invited to join IAYG family coalitions and partnership programmes. Furthermore, we invite governments, nonprofit organizations, civil society groups, and other private sector organizations to propose partnerships with the IAYG family. Learn more about building a partnership