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Global Education

Global education is the foundation of global opportunity: giving young people an understanding of the world they live in, a pathway to solving our toughest challenges, and the educational underpinning to succeed in an increasingly interconnected world. That’s why the IAYG family’s humanitarian leadership begins with its unparalleled leadership in global, geographic, and global citizenship education. 

Every Child Deserves a Global Education

Global, geographic, and global citizenship education is education that builds civic responsibility, global citizenship, and an understanding of the human and natural world we all live in. In an increasingly fractured world, the importance of global education extends far beyond putting places in a map – it brings world cultures together through understanding, charts the path to sustainable development and more peaceful national futures, teaches us how to protect the environment and cherished ecosystems, and answers critical questions of how we must use our common resources to forge a future in which every child anywhere can succeed.

Global and geographic education are central to economic opportunity. Nations, especially in the Developing World, must seek effective land and resource use – geography and global studies will be needed to understand how our limited resources will accommodate growing populations and disparities. The world is fractured and complex, so more than ever before, we need global citizenship education to instill cultural understanding and a global perspective in the next generation that will solve the problems of today. As the world’s population continues to rise and communities are transformed, human geography will be essential to managing that trend. And in a time when our changing environment is poised to fundamentally threaten our way of life, young people need a global perspective to tackle climate change and pave a better future. Yet, millions of young people are systemically left without opportunity in global education: leaving far too many children behind.

By providing the tools for young people to thrive, compete, and lead in an increasingly connected world, while paving a path to a more connected, tolerant, understanding world, global and geographic education is the educational foundation of global opportunity. It continues to be one of the most important sectors of focus for the IAYG family and its partners.

Our Focus

The IAYG family is the most prominent international institution that directly provides opportunities in global, geographic, and global citizenship education active in every part of the world. In societies rich and poor, at every level of education, organizations within the IAYG family:

  • Expand access to global and geographic education by directly providing, organizing, and funding student programmes, seminars, and school initiatives at community levels worldwide;
  • Jointly design and implement national policy and state-of-the-art national curricula in global and geographic education alongside national governments;
  • Train educators to deliver higher-quality global citizenship and geographic education, including through extensive local partnerships;
  • Develop academic journals and research initiatives that enhance the place of young people in global, global citizenship, and geographic studies;
  • Advance tertiary-level study of global citizenship, globalization, and geography through university alliances and department relationships in the Developing World;
  • Organize young people in global studies through university societies and affiliated groups

The IAYG family’s institutional leadership in global and global citizenship education is further extended by broad-based partnerships with governments, civil society, community-based organizations, and other international and inter-governmental institutions. 

In 2019 and 2020, we will be taking extensive steps to expand our work even further in global education. In addition to expanding programmes to more communities and deepening programmatic concentration worldwide, the IAYG family will also:

  • Work with humanitarian-sector partners to expand access to this critical field of education in humanitarian crises and enhance continuity of educational opportunity in war
  • Develop a new global compact on global and geographic education with global partners and local affiliates

Learn more about the IAYG family’s work in global, geographic, and global citizenship education:

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