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External Links

The IAYG family’s External Link Policy, mandated by the Media and Digital Platforms Bureau of the Office for Global Communications and Public Affairs, governs hyperlinks and files included on IAYG family websites.

About Hyperlinks

Hyperlinks show up on the IAYG family’s websites to provide more information about a partner programme, partner guidance, or other relevant information. Clicking external hyperlinks takes visitors to websites that are not managed or owned by the IAYG family and its partner system. While we work to provide hyperlinks that are reliable and verifiable, we cannot guarantee that all information on linked websites are accurate and up-to-date. 

External Link Policy

External hyperlinks to websites outside of the IAYG family do not automatically constitute endorsements of their content, the stated views of the website operators, or any beliefs referenced on the page. While the IAYG family is not responsible for external link content, we do not link to content that promote:

  • Hate
  • Discrimination
  • Violence
  • Bias on the basis of race, gender, and ethnicity

Identifying Internal Links

Internal hyperlinks are links that connect with websites owned by the IAYG family. Click here to learn more about IAYG family digital platforms and how you can verify their authenticity.


If you have any questions about the IAYG family’s External Link policy, or believe that a violation has been made in error, please reach out to:

Media and Digital Platforms Bureau
Office for Global Communications and Public Affairs
IAYG Family (Regional Centre, Nairobi)