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Thank you for your interest in contacting the IAYG family. The organizations of the IAYG family continuously strive to be one of the most accountable and easily accessible institutions in the world.

If your query relates to governance, accountability, corruption, and/or ethics, please contact the Office of Accessibility and Accountable Governance (OAAG) here

If your query relates to jobs, voluntary work, internships, and fellowships within the IAYG family, please visit the IAYG People digital centre here.

If your query relates to partnerships, please visit our partnerships page here to learn how you can work with the IAYG family.

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Global Communications


+1 (347) 996-IAYG [4294]


Apart from special representatives of the IAYG family to international institutions and key IAYG family partners, the following individuals are the designated representatives for media and contact enquiries relating to their region:

North America

Mr. Mitchell Robson


South America

Ms. Karen Ome



Mr. Richard Ampofo



Mr. Frederick Arthur


Middle East

Mr. Thabet Alimi


Asia and Australia

Ms. Geetha Aravind


For general media enquiries, please reach out to press@iaygfamily.org or contact us through the IAYG Family News and Media Centre, located here.


Alternatively, you can request a response through the form below:


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For information on IAYG family research, data, and publications, please contact publicdata@iaygfamily.org.