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Sierra Leone: IAYG family and the Government of Sierra Leone inaugurate National Youth Service Scheme


“Unthinkable violations of children’s rights”: IAYG family statement on the Central African Republic


Food for thought: how student media programmes are changing conversations on agriculture in Latin America

25 JUNE 2019

Giving back: how IAYG family youth-driven civil society initiatives are catalyzing better governance in Southeast Asia

25 JUNE 2019

Peace, 25 years later: how youth-focused peacebuilding in the East African Rift is solidifying progress

24 JUNE 2019

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With twelve primary institutions, dozens of local and national affiliates, and staff in every part of the world, the IAYG family is a unique multilateral partnership: united by its commitment to serving all young people. Learn more about how the IAYG family, as an institution in the public trust, is your institution.

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The IAYG family serves and represents the aspirations of all young people. Our responsibilities towards the public include extensive commitments to increase accessibility and extend institution-wide public engagement.

Transparent and open

We recognize the importance of open access to the IAYG family’s work. The Directive for Transparency and Open Data (DiTOD) underlines the IAYG family’s institution-wide commitment to transparency and open data. 

Monitoring community impact

If you believe that a programme, project, or initiative authorized or funded by the IAYG family will adversely impact you, the IAYG family’s Community Feedback Oversight Boards provide a framework for accountability and review.

Accountable to the public

As an institution in the public trust, the IAYG family is ultimately accountable to the public. Six monitoring agencies, comprising the Offices for Accountability and Accessible Governance, oversee the IAYG family’s institutional integrity.

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This Week in Pictures  |  By engaging young people, the work of community-level initiatives like We LIVE are advancing peace and security in North American communities that continue to struggle with endemic crime.

As one of the most transparent multilateral institutions in the world, the IAYG family closely engages media partners to extend public access to information on the work of family institutions and ecosystem on behalf of young people.

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The IAYG family’s expansive commitments to research and data, led by the Office for Research and Data-Driven Development, drive results for the empowerment of young people. Through transparent and high-quality research and data, we support countries in developing and implementing plans to advance the status of young people and support the youth-focused humanitarian sector at large.

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When crises hit, the rights, opportunities, and voices of children are urgently threatened – and their critical role in catalyzing recoveries must be realized. IAYG family institutions work on the ground to empower young people and the societies they uphold.

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South Sudan  |  New year, new hope: IAYG family-government coalition announces landmark education innovation initiative

Myanmar  |  IAYG family will establish new special directorate for the opportunities of Rohingya children

Ukraine  |  IAYG family statement on children’s rights in the Donbass region

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Brazil • A boy looks across a flooded plain. Climate change is expected to increase the frequency of severe weather over the next decades, impacting the futures of children most.

The IAYG System at Work: Building a Consensus on Youth and Climate Change

A changing environment impacts the rights and opportunities of young people most – and they, in turn, are also the valuable start of change. Institutions across the IAYG family and its partner systems are taking action: from landmark expansions of environmental education through GGCDP and public-sector partnerships, to amplifying the voices of young people on the changing environment, to record investments in youth-driven innovation in climate science, we’re championing young people to preserve their futures.

Mali • In communities like Gao, endemic political conflict, terrorism, and weak institutions continue to hinder sustainable governance and curtail human rights. 

Rebuilding Social Fabrics: Youth and Civic Systems Impacted by War

Today, more than 370 million young people live in conflict zones. Thrown into challenging political and social currents, they are critical civic and political participants part of societies’ paths to recovery. Across the IAYG family and its humanitarian ecosystem, we are investing in the development of youth-driven civil society sectors, supporting governments in engaging young people, expanding civic education, and building paths for engagement for children & youth to uphold sustainable and fair political systems in countries torn by sustained conflict – investments in peace, justice, and a more sustainable future

Ghana • Across Africa, IAYG family institutions are investing in efforts for youth-driven humanitarian innovation. The African Youth Summit on Sustainable Development, a recent effort, is pictured above.

Spotlight: Youth-Driven Humanitarian Innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa

Young people are not merely individuals served: they are agents of change across the humanitarian sector. In 2019, the IAYG family is accelerating institution-wide efforts in accelerating the impact of youth-driven humanitarian innovation in Sub-Saharan Africa. Four new Juvenext regional innovation labs, based in Nairobi, Accra, Johannesburg, and Tunis, will work with young social innovators to catalyze new youth-driven community efforts and harness the ideas of young people in development – among the extensive new investments the IAYG family and its partner systems are making in youth-driven innovation.

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Creating Tomorrow, the IAYG family’s institution-wide public engagement campaign for February and March 2019, brings to light stories about the young people at the centre of efforts backed by the institutions of the IAYG family and its humanitarian ecosystem and how their empowerment is securing a better, more engaged future for the communities they uphold. Read some of their stories >>

Every child should have a place in the world

With twelve primary organizations, dozens of local and national affiliates, and stakeholders from every sector, the IAYG family is a unique multilateral partnership and one of the world’s most influential humanitarian institutions focused on children and youth. We fight for a generation of connected, engaged, and empowered young people as their champions. To elevate their places in societies. To represent their aspirations and defend their rights as citizens. To ensure that no child is left behind in a changing world. To empower all young people to lead. Our mandate is built on the idea that sustainable and prosperous societies depend on whether every child has a place in the world. The institutions of the IAYG family, its partner systems, and the humanitarian ecosystem it upholds realize that vision for every child, in every part of the world, every day.


As the champion of global opportunity, the institutions of the IAYG family work alongside member governments, civil society, and the private sector to give every child a place in the world. Learn more